Thursday, April 16, 2009

Away from the hills

Haven't been having much luck painting "nature" lately, so here's a truck.

Cement plant truck @ 2nd and Cedar, Berkeley Ca. 6x8 o/p

And some lunch-time sketches from the front seat of my car.


Anthony Holden said...

Take inspiration where you can find it--this is lovely!

enb said...

is that linen?

JimmyG said...

It's a Pintura Painting panel:
I bought a truck load of them awhile back from Jerry's when they were on sale. It's regular gesso primed (as opposed to oil) and it's got a really good tooth, kind of dry . Not slick like the usual cheapo's I get at Blick or Utrecht, but they're heavy from all the chip wood and glue in the board.