Monday, May 11, 2009


Dockside Crane 6x8 O/P

Stumbled upon a great spot a while ago and just got back to it last week for a quick after work paint session. Lots of cool boats, old and new and lots of cool old rusty junk, not to mention an honest to gooodness Victory Ship/museum. What was really cool, was there was no one around except one old guy who rode by on his bike and exclaimed "Plein Air" then gave me the thumbs up. True story!


Anthony Holden said...

Great colors. And a great story.

enb said...

Im guessing thats out in the east bay?
Looks like a great spot. They built an IKEA out in these old shipyards in redhook and left all the cranes sitting there- some right in the middle of the parking lot. Im thinking theyd make a great studio or hideout of somesort.

Marcelo Braga said...

Nice Crane, man!

Janice said...

The Brickyard Cove area of Richmond has lots of the same atmosphere. Anything from SF skyviews to tanker ships, antique military vessel, marina, houses on wharfs and park and hill vistas.

Jack said...

You god good color sense....nice to see this one..good work..

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Joe Kresoja said...

Fun piece