Monday, December 7, 2009

Joshua Tree N.P.

At the beginning of last month I took a little road trip...
I've been jonesing to paint the desert for the longest time, so when I saw that Matt Smith had a workshop planned for the Superstition Mountains, how could I NOT go? These are two quickies done in Joshua Tree, the top one done on my way to Phoenix, the other done on my way home.

A Joshua Tree along the trail back from the Wall Street Mill in Joshua Tree N.P. O/P 6x8

Sunset at the Cottonwood Spring Oasis, Joshua Tree N.P. O/C 6x8

More on the workshop next time!


enb said...

Really like the top one, looks hot, dry, and definitely California.

JimmyG said...

Thanks buddy, was definitely hot and dry, during the day anyway. upper 30's at night. My first time to J-Tree and absolutely loved it!