Thursday, February 16, 2012

Color Notes

Done super quick because I spend more time wandering around looking than painting, as usual...

Among the eucalyptus above Lake Anza.  5X7 O/P

Last light at Wildcat Canyon. 6X8 O/P

For both of these I had just enough time to get the broad colors and values fixed before I lost the light. It seems lately, that once the sun  goes down it's just instantly dark, but, it's not long til the time change. Also, the countless miles of wandering can be a bit dis-spiriting at times, but it's allowed me to find some new spots, and see old ones in a new light. Can't wait to get back to these locations, I'm prepped with my new studies!


Steve Vincent said...

Keep on wandering, they look great.

Justin Owens said...

I can definitely appreciate that tendency! I'll spend 4 hours walking, 1 hour painting.

These are great, I really like how much color you used in the shadow areas (of the eucalyptus trees).

JimmyG said...

Thanks guys! Steve, how's that SUP coming along? Justin, you've got some mad Photoshop skills there, I'd love to see more oils too. We should hook up for some Berkeley Hills painting!