Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fresh Air

Earlier this month, I took a little birthday backpacking trip into the Eastern Sierra (The Big Pine Lakes Basin) with my buddy Frank and my dog Kirkby. It was a tough slog straight up to 10,250 ft. above sea level, and I cursed the heavy painting gear, but it was all worth it when we caught first sight of the lakes. Still, next time I'm hiring the mule train to carry the gear!

Temple Crag at 6:30 am(ish) 6X8 O/P

Beach Rocks at Second Lake 8X10 O/P

I struggled with my paintings as well as the altitude and ended up scraping most of them down. My gear, process and site selection seems to need a little tweaking for mountain travel and light, but I had a great time nonetheless.

My trail buddies

Second Lake from our campsite

Temple Crag from Second Lake

View from Third Lake


Anonymous said...

Hey you WERE in the same neighborhood! Isn't it just incredible up there?

Next time, I highly recommend mules. And a cook. LOL

nice work!

Pablo Villicana Lara said...

WOW! Really nice paintings and that area! Beautiful . . . . LISTERINE! ! ! :0)

liz wiltzen said...

Hey Jimmy, thanks for checking out my blog. Great work on yours, and don't poochies make the best painting buddies?

Paint on brother!

JimmyG said...

Terry: I LOVE the idea of not cooking and no clean-up. Definitely getting mules for the haul in : )

Pablo: Thanks! (My) Paint can never really do justice to that shade of turquoise, it's un-real.

Liz: Doggies ARE great paint buddies, but you should have seen how mad Frank got when Kirkby would come ashore and shake all that water on him and his gear : ) Priceless!

F. Serrano said...

Haha. That was funny Jimmy! You managed to bring home some little gems minus waterspots!

Terry do you cook? lol