Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hooray for Daylight Saving Time!

That means more time to paint in the evenings! To celebrate, I went to one of my favorite spots up in the Oakland/Berkeley Hills. It was a late start and I was thinking I was going to lose light fast, so I rushed out this sketch. I was psyched to see so much light left at 6:30, and it's only going to get better (the light that is, and hopefully the paintings too)!

Grizzly Peak @ Claremont O/P 6x8

Here's one done on Busy San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley a few weeks earlier. Lots of people and cars and noise all of which I edited and blocked out : )

Woodshop on San Pablo O/P 6x8

And wrapping things up, I just found out over the weekend, that this one sold from the EarlyBird Painters show to someone from L.A. That's three paintings sold from my first show. Now I can buy a house ; )

Missouri Lounge O/P 8x10