Saturday, October 30, 2010

4 Sale

I just dropped these little guys off at the Studio Gallery for their annual "Tiny" show, which is billed as "small pieces for under $400". Check it out, there's some pretty amazing stuff going up on their walls (I got a sneek peek!).

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Still at it

After work paintings that is. I got a little boost from some nice encouragement, and also from this great painting spot I discovered not far from the office. It’s accessed from an easy to pass-by trailhead off of an equally scenic drive heading towards West Marin. I must have driven by this spot millions of times in the decade that I’ve been working in Marin (looking for painting spots no less!), but there it was. Great views of Mt. Tamalpais, the Bay, and of course those quintessentially Californian rolling gold hills. The dog loves it too!

Mt. Tam from the Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide
Open Space Preserve 5X7 O/P

Sunset Hills, Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide Open Space Preserve
6X8 O/P

The weather has been gorgeous, even during our mini heat wave.

But it's the light... ahhh...

Caught this moon-rise on the way back down, I'll have to try a nocturne out here soon.

It's always dark when I get back to the car, but what a great hike.