Monday, May 16, 2011

More Gouache

I'm no photographer, but I do take loads of photos for reference, and of course they're overwhelmingly landscapes, but in this case the Masai are just such photogenic people I couldn't resist.

Masai Beads. Pencil and Gouache in my 3X5 Moleskine

This quick gouache study is from a set of photos snapped at a Masai women's craft market. I can see the allure for photographers, there were some real magic moments of interaction with these ladies. Some were camera shy, most very curious, and thanks to digital photography, they were able to see themselves instantly and candidly (I didn't see too many mirrors around the village) and I think they really got a kick out of it. I only wish I were a fast enough artist to be able to get on the spot portraits in paint. THAT would have been special!